An absolute commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Mission Statement

Students are challenged to succeed through a diverse range of academic, cultural and practical educational opportunities.

About Gapbridge

The name ‘Gapbridge’ means bridging the gaps between the primary and secondary school, secondary and higher institutions



Few Words About Us

Individual learning in a close-knit, yet international study environment encapsulates education at Gapbridge Private School, our students are encouraged to articulate their ideas, express their viewpoints and develop independence.

We are committed to ensuring that every student receives an education that enables them to attain the highest levels of achievement possible. You will discover a school that has created the most stimulating learning environment, a relevant and challenging curriculum and an active partnership with parents into place to live, work, play and build dreams.

At Gapbridge Private School, the curriculum is a challenging one, encouraging students to work hard and with increasing independence. It is through the excellent achievement of our previous students that the school has gained an outstanding reputation.

The junior and senior secondary school sitting for Checkpoint, JSS, IGCSE, SSCE & A level examinations and Foundation programmes. The school has well experienced and seasoned teaching staffs who are certified IGCSE and A level teachers that have produced excellent results over the years.

The Education Director is a veteran teacher who knows her onions in giving the best to students and trusted by parents over the years. She is also an agent for placement of students for undergraduate and Post- graduate studies abroad, including colleges in UK, USA, Canada, etc and the Caribbean for direct medicine in the University.

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Special Needs Program

Gapbridge recently added INCLUSION into the school setting where students with learning difficulties are being attended to. Special Needs areas are: Auditory & Speech; Dyslexia; Autism Spectrum; Asperger Syndrome; Stuttering, etc all in area of intellectual disabilities. Facilities to give the best to this group of students are on ground, including boarding facilities.