An absolute commitment to excellence in everything we do.


Mission Statement

Students are challenged to succeed through a diverse range of academic, cultural and practical educational opportunities.


Our Values

  • Participate without hindrance in all learning opportunities.
  • Build positive self esteem & confidence as individuals
  • Feel secure in front of their peers & to care for each other
  • Be confident in excelling
  • Become independent learners
  • Persevere despite failure & continue to strive
  • Develop holistically, ethically, intellectually, socially & emotionally.

Our Philosophy

• We believe that students should enjoy learning and there should always be a light in their eyes and the desire to be challenged.
• We do not want them to be bored or complacent or to settle for less than their best.
• Focus is on developing independent work habits, maintaining motivation, teaching them to be effective members of a team, developing, positive social skills.
• Students’ progress monitored, goals set and reviewed.



About Gapbridge Private School

Gapbridge is an institution of learning that started operation in October 2008, we run an integrated curriculum (English National & Nigerian Curricular) to cater for the junior and senior secondary school sitting for Checkpoint, JSS, IGCSE, SSCE & A level examinations and Foundation programmes. The school has well experienced and seasoned teaching staffs who are certified IGCSE and A level teachers that have produced excellent results over the years.

Gapbridge recently added INCLUSION into the school setting where students with learning difficulties are being attended to. Special Needs areas are: Auditory & Speech; Dyslexia; Autism Spectrum; Asperger Syndrome; Stuttering, etc all in area of intellectual disabilities. Facilities to give the best to this group of students are on ground, including boarding facilities.

The Education Director is a veteran teacher who knows her onions in giving the best to students and trusted by parents over the years. She is also an agent for placement of students for undergraduate and Post- graduate studies abroad, including colleges in UK, USA, Canada, etc and the Caribbean for direct medicine in the University.

Gapbridge Development Plan Based on Three Strands

  • An uncompromising commitment to leadership creating an environment where ambitions soar.
  • An uncompromising commitment to teaching and learning achieving the best for every individual.
  • An uncompromising commitment to our value maintaining a culture of trust, discipline and mutual respect.